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Use Our Oak Framed Structures to Fulfill Your Responsibility of Being Environment-Friendly

In present times, a lot of stress is placed upon becoming environment-friendly in almost all our endeavors. This attention to using materials that are safe for the environment is justified as nature has suffered immensely due to our insincere usage of materials. When it comes to building home structures, we can play our bit in being environmental-friendly by using garden buildings in Norfolk that are made from oak wood. There are reasons why oak serves as the perfect environment-friendly material for building structures. Let’s take a look at them!


    • When you choose oak framed structures over materials such as plaster and concrete, which are known as materials that retain moisture, factors such as finances, build time, and energy efficiency are positively impacted. Oak contains a physical quality that is not present in man-made materials. It provides the structure’s interior with constant temperature, good insulation, and calls for less water and produces very little waste in the building process


    • Not only structures that are made of oak are sturdy and long-lasting, but they also grow old beautifully as well with their impressing silver patina. This aspect of oak saves you from spending money on replacing building components over time


    • Oak is also labeled as carbon neutral as it is known for absorbing the CO2. If you use it as a building material, you will be successfully trapping carbon and stopping it from getting into the outside environment


    • Due to the fact that oak should be allowed to weather naturally, too much maintenance isn’t required. Another environment-friendly factor about oak is that its manufacturing process is fully natural. After going through mandatory quality checks, oak is just then required to go through the planer and if needed, through finishing. It doesn’t require to be treated with chemicals


    • With oak, nothing is termed as waste as every little piece can be used for different purposes. Offcuts, for instance, can be turned into elements of oak frames such as pegs and braces, which are used in the jointing process. Sawdust can be used as cattle bedding in local farms. And smaller offcuts can be employed as an energy source for purposes such as wood burners


All these aspects of oak make it a perfect environment-friendly building material. Top Notch Oak is famous for constructing top-class oak framed structures and garden buildings. If you require some guidance regarding building regulations, you can always get in touch with us for professional advice as well.