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Oak Structures

Oak Structures

Beautiful & Strong Timber Framed Oak Structures — Top Notch Oak

Cart lodge, barn, garage or studio

The popularity of timber frame constructions is inevitable and it shows no sign of slowing. The reason? The perfect mix of traditional looks and modern designs! Top-Notch Oak provides beautiful, timeless, and strong oak structures. Cart lodge, barn, garage or studio buildings in Norfolk & Suffolk — whatever you wish to call it or use it for, we can accommodate all your requirements in a beautiful oak-framed building.

Solutions available to suit every budget

Our basic unit is a single bay, and from here you can add a half bay or, depending on your budget or needs, further full bays. We have Oak-framed structures to suit all requirements. If you need a room above, you have the choice of an external or internal staircase and either VELUX windows, dormers or a mix. Additional features, such as a lean-to and log storage area are also a part of our timber frame construction service in Norfolk service.

Pleasing to the eye and incredibly strong

Constructed from green oak and displaying traditional features, such as curved bracing and pegged joints, these age-old carpentry methods ensure the cart lodge is not only pleasing to the eye but also an incredibly strong structure. Our timber frames come in a range of traditional designs, from a single bay to multi-bay options and all are based on attractive, conventional styles. All our building structures are meant to blend seamlessly with the style and architecture of your existing home and it’s the environment.

Hand-made oak structures ensure authenticity and quality

All of our buildings featuring timber frames in Norfolk are hand-made, displaying traditional features to ensure the authentic look of the building. Before one of our buildings arrives on your site, it’s ensured by our team of expert and experienced craftsmen at the workshop that it’s fully manufactured, and carefully checked. This ensures that all the joints are a perfect fit and that all of the timbers used are of the highest quality.