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Kit – TNO002

Kit TNO002

TNO002 Traditional Oak Framed Garage Kit

£5,475 ex. VAT & Delivery

Kit Includes:

  • Oak tie beams, eaves beams, posts, braces and sole plates
  • Curved oak braces
  • Full parts kit including kiln dried oak pegs, stainless steel pins and galvanised nails
  • Staddle stones for independent posts
  • Pre cut protim (anti-rotting treatment) treated softwood rafters at 400mm centers
  • Protim treated softwood studwork
  • Protim treated softwood weatherboard 200mm x38mm
  • Full assembly instructions

Kit Excludes:

  • Foundations
  • Roof tiles
  • Bricks
  • Assembly (Please call us if you feel this may be a requirement)


Footprint 4150mm wide x 5600mm
Ridge height 3600mm
Eaves height 2100mm
Roof pitch 40°
Roof area 35m²
Tiles required 2300
Bricks required 250
Lead time Five weeks (maximum)

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