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6 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Cart Lodge in Sussex

Thought that a cart lodge is only meant to serve as a garage? Well, you are wrong! These outhouses can be used for multiple purposes and you can transform them into your very own space by joining forces with adept builders. If you are looking for ideas to use up the extra space, then this blog is for you. Know how you can make the best out of the versatility of cart lodge buildings while living in Sussex:

    • Gym:

      Having a gym at home will ensure that you have no excuses to skip working out. Utilize your garden space by adding a room to your 3-bay oak cart lodge by bringing in all the gymming equipment!

    • Home office:

      Why work at a boring desk when you can work in a beautiful room built by experienced craftsmen? This will double up as a study where you can read for hours in the end without being disturbed by anyone.

    • Guest rooms:

      Give your guests their very own cozy, private space by utilizing the space above your cart lodge. This will ensure that you have your space and they have theirs. In addition to this, this cute little space can also double up as an Airbnb, through which you can generate some extra cash.

    • Playroom:

      If you want to recreate the treehouse experience of your childhood for your little one, then transform the space above the cart lodge building into a playroom! You can store your child’s toys there to ensure that he or she plays in that room only and does not mess up the entire house.

    • Hobby Room:

      Love to play the guitar but family complains of the noise? Then convert a section of the cart lodge to your very own music room. Play to your heart’s content for as long as you want to and personalize the area with posters of your favorite bands.

    • Games Room:

      Turn the cart lodge space into your very own den where the boys can hang! Get your console, add in some neon lights and you are good to go.

If you live in Sussex, these are just some of the things you can do to your cart lodge building. Want a cart lodge on your property? Get in touch with us to convert your ideas into beautiful oak-framed buildings.